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Mu Online Season 8 Episode 3

Mu Online is opening [COMING SOON] !

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The New Class: Rune Wizard

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 9.August, join the thousands online!.


LockMU Information

Game Server
Server Status: Online
Server Vesion: Season 8 Episode 3 (Full)
Server Experience: 500x
Drop: 40%
Chaos Machine: Good
Shops In Game: Good
CashShop: OFF
Server Spots: Very good Spots

Max Resets: 45
Reset Level: 400
Reset Money: 200,000 * Resets
Reset Clear Inventory: No
Reset Clear Skills: No
Reset Points Burn: Yes
Reset Points: 1000 (All Classes)
Make Reset: In Game/Website

Better Events
Medusa Event
Castle Deep Event
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Double Goer
Illusion Temple
Imperial Guardian
Kanturu Event "Maya"
Castle Siege
TvT Event
Raklion Boss [ Selupan ]
and Others.

/move (Example: /move lorencia
/addstr (Strenght)
/addagi (Agility)
/addvit (Vitality)
/addene (Energy)
/addcmd (Command Only DL)
/clearpk (Price 7,000,000 ZEN)
/war (Only Guild Master Command: Example: /war guildname)
/soccer (Only Guild Master Command: Example: /soccer guildname)
/re (Request Control Example: /re off - /re on)
/clearinv (Clear only inventory(
/top (Example: /top rr - /top mr
/resp (for answer quiz event (example: /resp answer